HYBRIDS : RUBBER BONDING ON METAL (1on2) also named "rubber metal"

On 27-03-2013

Rubber-support adherisation (support = metal / glass / plastic ...) is the chemical connection between the rubber and a support which insures a very successful sticking. This connection is usually obtained by the following process :

Support preparation :
- surface support preparation which will be used for adherisation (systematic degreasing, possible sanding, different treatments)
- primary coating + sticking agent
These operations depend from many parameters : type of materials, materials aspect ; Flatness – tolerance - roughness ; mechanical constraints..; temperature - humidity - atmosphere - solvents …

- possible support preheating
- support in cavity mould (automatic or manual)
- over moulding by injection
- removing (automatic, semi automatic or manual parts)

support positioning in mould

Adhérisation is developping at same time as elastomer vulcanization: The adherisation grows with elastomer's reticulation and get the optimum at vulcanization's end

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Adhérisation advantages:
- no assembly (in mold)
- one item management
- no function loss during transport or assembly
- maximum performance

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